Why Populated NAS?

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Save Time

Buffalo NAS are easy-to-use plug-and-play solutions
that save valuable time and effort. Unpopulated NAS
require hard drive installation, RAID configuration,
and a parity check: and the latter two take as long as
10 hours per TB of storage space. Buffalo’s populated
NAS are ready within a few minutes – requiring only
that you remove it from the box, connect to the power
supply and your network, and, simply, press ‘power’.

Save Hassle

Buffalo NAS come fully populated with specially-chosen
and factory-confirmed HDD. Spare yourself the hassle of
choosing compatible HDD for your NAS and configuring the
RAID system. Get everything out of 1 hand and rest assured
of a perfect fit. Buying from one source also means that you
only have to deal with one manufacturer in case of a defect.



Save Money

Buffalo NAS also offer a great price performance ratio right
from the start. Time is money – so spending less time and
manpower on set-up and management of the NAS will save
you time, labor, and cost.


A closed system is a safe system:
Buffalo NAS don't allow the installation
of 3rd party apps which could otherwise
pose substantial security threats.


Buffalo NAS focus on features that small and medium companies
(and private users) really need. Simplicity means higher
usability at lower cost. Combining simplicity with powerful
hardware provides cost-effective solutions.


Buffalo offers a wide range of NAS solutions fitted to the needs
and budgets of companies from a home office to an enterprise
with largerbranch networks.


Buffalo TeraStations come with a 3-year VIP Warranty including the
replacement of defective hard drives within 24 hours. Buffalo also
offers free UPS drop-off service for all products under warranty.
And for those who need even extra peace-of-mind – warranty extensions
add one or two extra years’ full protection.





Hardware to ensure stable operation

24/7 Reliability

BUFFALO TeraStations are designed with high quality parts and material, to meet the expectations of businesses in need of a reliable solutions to support their 24/7 operations.
Buffalo offers its partners a free 24h exchange service for faulty TeraStation HDDs in most European countries. For more information contact our Technical Support Hotline.



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